Opening Hours:Monday To Saturday - 8am To 9pm

The Friencils


The Show

Each half-hour episode will consist of two separate and complete 10-minute adventures with the Friencils, Peter, Patty, Pedro and Pasha.

The character “word of the day” is introduced at the beginning of each episode to Peter & Patty at home. The twins then take this “word of the day” out into the world with them as they start their new school day adventure. They join all the Friencils at school, as well as on field trips in their picturesque neighborhood of Pencilvania; learning something new about themselves, and being a good friend, along the way. Occurring in each adventure will be a song performed by their band, the Eraser Tips.

Character building skills, friendship, creative reading & imaginative drawing are all introduced to the preschool audience through creative storytelling and real time home viewer participation.